About Us

Gilani Foundation is a not for profit organization working to enhance and support scientific methods in the field of social and political research.

The aim of the organization is to train and support the Pakistani social scientists, market researchers, media planners about the nuances and challenges of research in Pakistani environment.

Who We Are 

Founded by Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani, the organization aims to consolidate the work of sister organizations like Gallup Pakistan (Affiliate of Gallup International Association), Pakistan Institute of Public Opinion, Gallup Adtrak and present it to public.


Gilani Foundation is proud to be the sole repository for 30 years of Marketing and sociopolitical research of organizations like Gallup Pakistan and Pakistan Institute of Public Opinion. With over 5000 reports , over One Hundred Thousand Omnibus Database data sets ranging from social , political and economic fields starting from 1980 , Gilani Foundation is Pakistan’s first Data Repository of its kind.

Integrity, Precision and Excellence have always been our guiding aims. This is precisely why all our sister organizations have acquired respect and industry standard status in Pakistan. Gilani Foundation cherishes the history of its sister organizations and aims to achieve for itself similar heights of success.

 Following Disclaimer Requested by Gallup Pakistan

Disclaimer: Gallup Pakistan is not related to Gallup Inc. headquartered in Washington D.C. USA. We require that our surveys be credited fully as Gallup Pakistan (not Gallup or Gallup Poll). We disclaim any responsibility for surveys pertaining to Pakistani public opinion except those carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International Association. For details on Gallup International Association see website: www.gallup-international.com