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Gilani Dashboards is a series of dashboards developed by researchers and academics at Gilani Research Foundation to understand the world in the form of data points. The dashboards range from being centred around Pakistan but also global looking at civilisations , the also range in terms of subject matter for example covering Covid 19 but also on demographics.

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Civilization Wise Analysis
In this dashboard, 8 civilization filters and year wise filters are present. Information about the following can be retrieved from the dashboard:
1) Civilization wise GNI Indicators
2) Muslim Sub-Civilization
3) Christian Sub-Civilization
4) Country-wise GNI
5) Atheist Sub-Civilization
6) Population type by share of population
7) Civilization by Population Majority
8) Country Wise Civilizations Absolute Population
9) Country Wise Civilizations Share of Population – 2020

Gallup and Gilani Barometer of Facts and Opinions
Tableau Public Dashboards – 4. Gallup and Gilani Barometer (
In this dashboard, global facts related to age, civilization, FDI, GNI, land, manufacturing, military expenditure, population, trade, global cities and opinions are available. Further to this, each variable indicator can be searched further by applying specific filters. These filters include meta zones, regions, sub regions, G-7, G-20, NATO, European Union, Top Tier Countries, OPEC, OECD,IEA, D-8 Countries and Civilizations.

Global Views on Democracy and Development
Tableau Public Dashboards – 4.12 Global Views on Democracy and Government (
This section presents results of data collected to reflect on global views on democracy and development; values which parents cherish for their children; political system having a strong leader; and, willingness to fight for country .

Tableau Public Dashboards
The Gallup and Gillani Research Foundation has developed user-friendly public dashboards that provide a wealth of information, spanning from Pakistan’s land area, population, and age demographics to global data on various indicators. These dashboards offer easy navigation, allowing users to access the information effortlessly.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 dashboard presents a comprehensive array of statistics related to COVID-19 testing, including information on the number of tests conducted, new tests, and the percentage of positive tests, among other statistical data. Additionally, this section encompasses global data on countries, overall cases, deaths, and recoveries, all of which are included in the highlights section. Furthermore, there is an “overall picture” section that provides categorized information on gender, age, and confirmed cases. Lastly, a daily situation section offers a daily statistical report.

Hindus Regional Distribution

The Hindu regional distribution provides valuable information about the Hindu civilization. It offers statistical insights into the number of countries comprising the Hindu civilization, the total Hindu population, and zone-wise data. Additionally, the Indian Barometer of Facts furnishes comprehensive information on the Indian population, household statistics, religion-wise demographics, age-wise breakdown, caste-wise statistics, literacy rates, education figures, labor force details, employment types, occupational statistics, energy sources, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) usage, household ownership, personal transportation, and other research conducted by experts. The barometer is a valuable resource for accessing state-wise data on these topics.